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The Coopers & Muffin

To All the Staff at Beech House. We want to say thankyou for the great work and amazing standard of care shown whilst Muffin has been in hospital. Every member of staff we’ve spoken to has been professional, caring and showed great skill and talent throughout the process. I genuinely have been most impressed by the excellent standard of service. You clearly have a great team at Beech House. So a big thankyou and congratulations for creating the work environment you have.
The Coopers

Michelle, Stewart and Anoushka

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who made Biba better again. The care and service on every level before and after have been outstanding and we are really grateful!
Michelle, Stewart and Anoushka

Christine, John and Paul

Dear Lucy,
Thank you again for your help and sensitivity assisting Prince through the final moments of his life with us. It meant a great deal to Christine, Paul and myself to have the comfort of you and Kelly present with us and feel that Prince too in his own way understood he was being looked after by those who loved him.
We were all touched by your card and wonderful poem you kindly included. 'Rainbow bridge' was so moving, eloquent and beautiful. As we now read it, it still brings a tear to our eyes.
Thank you for all the years the practice assisted us with Prince in keeping him well and active. He always enjoyed his visits and appreciated the friends he made there.
With our kind regard, Christine, John and Paul

Helena, Mark & Chairman Mao

By the way, just wanted to say thank you so much for working so hard and relentlessly to find out what's wrong with CM. Every time we watch him cough it's absolutely heartbreaking and it's been great having you care so much about what was causing it. Although we know that the diagnosis isn't 100%, Mark and I do both feel very relieved and hopeful. Helena

Vitoria & Sheba

The vets I have seen have been amazing and given extra time to explain, answer questions and listen to my concerns. The staff on reception are friendly and caring. Beech House is the first practice to tell me about the PDSA animal hospital in Putney, which has helped me to afford the treatment my cat needs. The two vets I saw, James and Lucy took time to explain and show when diagnosing Sheba's ailments. This kind approach makes such a difference rather than an unsettling, rushed visit I experienced elsewhere - before discovering Beech House Vets.

Chris & Daisy

I came with Daisy, my dog, to have her spayed laparoscopically, as my vets – who I have been going to for the past 35 years and are just around the corner from me - do not do keyhole surgery. I have been so impressed with the care and friendliness of the staff at Beech House that I have decided to continue coming to Beech House with Daisy.

Carolyn & Bunny

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely card and butterfly you sent after we had Bugsy put down - it was such a nice touch. I did not expect to be quite so emotional so I apologise but James and the other staff were so understanding and kind. I will be in touch in due course to arrange vaccinations for Bunny. In the meantime, thank you again, with very best wishes, Carolyn

Clare McAllister & Bobbie

Woof, Woof, Kelly! I asked my best human friend, Clare to email you to tell you that I totally LOVE my new kibble! It is very tasty, so thank you for your help.
With love and waggy tails
Bobbie the Westie of Shepperton!

Sent from my iBone!!

Lol many thanks Kelly, he is munching away on his breakfast and dinners quite happily! Clare McAllister

Mrs Talbot & Millie and Mollie

I have been coming here for 43 years, starting when it was Crittall & Westaway - I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else as I have always been pleased with your services



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